Who can apply for a loan without private credit?


Private credit is an information service that is supposed to assess the creditworthiness of a potential customer for banks and companies. Due to a non-paid mobile phone bill or too late arrived rate, however, many customers get premature a bad judgment.

As a consequence, loans are only forgiven or even completely denied. However, this does not have to be a rule. Many banks waive the lending on a Private credit information and still allow a fair and flexible interest.

Loans with test system

In many cases, the bank waives a Private credit statement, but must ensure a far-reaching credit rating of the customer. Here, not only the income and the assets are used for the analysis, but also aspects of credit security are taken into account. Thus, the bank often insists on a security transfer. In the course of the contract, the customer hands over his property over a valuable item to his bank, for example via a house or a vehicle. However, the ownership remains with the customer and will be withdrawn only if the loan is not properly paid.

The health credit – in diets and cosmetic surgery

The health credit - in diets and cosmetic surgery

Similarly, a health loan can be applied for bad Private credit. This applies, for example, to breast augmentations or diets that are beneficial to health. The good: He is directly requested by the family doctor and can all the easier to avoid a bad Private credit.

The instant loan tactic

Before a loan, however, you should deal with the details of the contract to be concluded. Dubious banks advertise namely with attractive loans, which is waived on a check of solvency. Behind the scenes, however, hide interest rates that are beyond good and evil. As a precautionary measure, a financial adviser should be consulted, especially with large loan amounts, who compare the interest and ancillary costs of various banks with each other. This eliminates the question “Who can apply for a loan without Private credit ?”. Only a customer who can convince his bank of a high creditworthiness receives a loan at fair interest rates.