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“Swear Zero, Credit Program Available to Microentrepreneurs Who Need Business Loans” What is the “Swear Zero Loan” credit program? It is a credit operation in Santa Catarina to direct resources in cash financed to assist small businesses, its coverage reaches even the productions and works done at home, its objective is the incentive to formalize and stimulate the economic development of the lower classes of the population .

With Zero Interest new prospects are open to these thousands of lives that make the economy of the country turn.

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The granting of the ” Zero Interest Loan ” reaches the amount of up to R $ 3,000 per operation, the repayment period is facilitated, the borrower can make the installment up to 8 times. In addition to the numerous advantages of this type of personal loan, the client MEI that contracted the “Zero Interest” and completed the payments in day of the first seven installments, does not have to make the last payment, that is, the eighth installment, the Program gives the client a free installment.

The Hart Zero project is an action of the “Nova Economia @ SC Program”, created thanks to the partnership of some agencies and institutions, among them the Secretariat for Economic and Sustainable Development, the State Development Agency of Santa Catarina (Badesc) and the Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), the latter, provides agents of business monitoring and innovation for the participants of the Program. Sebrae will provide in the current period of the Program the necessary follow-up to guide the participants how to apply the loan credit, and will assist in the management of the business to make it sustainable.

Those who earn their support as painters, seamstresses, hairdressers, among many other entrepreneurs and microentrepreneurs with activities recognized as MEI and who have annual gross revenue of up to R $ 60 thousand, can borrow money to leverage their businesses.

Zero Interest Resources

Badesc’s funds come from interest on capital, collected in loans made to municipalities and private companies. This amount, which was previously returned to the State, will now be passed on to the 19 associated and associated Matua who will manage the amount.

What are “Matua”? Organization of Civil Society of Public Interest, this organization is part of the Association of Microcredit and Microfinance Organizations of Santa Catarina (AMCRED-SC), which in recent years has poured thousands of financial resources into credit operations . The outlook is that in the next 4 years, Badesc offers around R $ 70 million for individual entrepreneurs in the State of Santa Catarina.

How to make a loan in Interest Zero?

How to make a loan in Interest Zero?

The loan of the Hart Zero program can be requested through the internet and is granted in the microcredit institutions authorized by Badesc in all regions of the State of Santa Catarina.

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